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Typing in Punjabi will be more fun and much easier
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G S Lehal

Typing in Punjabi will be more fun and much easier, for those who do not know how to type in Gurmukhi using the Predictive Roman-Gurmukhi transliteration technique provided in Akhar 2010. Think of the text in Punjabi like you would pronounce it but type the same text in English and the software will do the corresponding transliteration in Punjabi. The software generates script symbols that match the sound of the phonetically spelt word. Akhar 2010 allows one to type in intuitively and in turn, intelligently performs the corresponding transliteration. Most of the Punjabis can read and speak Punjabi fluently but when it comes to typing Punjabi on the computer, they just can't do it even when though they may be very fluent in typing English. Akhar 2010 comes to the rescue of millions of such Punjabis who feel more comfortable typing in English but still want to communicate in their mother tongue, Punjabi.

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